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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Sarah Bruce who was born in Georgia on February 19, 1931 and passed away on April 23, 1997 at the age of 66. We will remember her forever.

Sarah Inez Bruce
What can I say? Here is a woman that touched the hearts of many. Kind, Loving, Honest. A true christain. Loving wife, mother ,daughter, sister and all around best friend. There are no words to describe this woman. She was loved by all who knew her. She is the loving mother of 8 children. I am her baby and all I can say is I wish I could just be half the person that my mother was. She now has my daddy and two of her daughters with her. We will join them one day. I long to see my mother again.Just to see her smile and say everything will be ok. You know it will be ok, because mama said so.In loving memory of our mother.

Dear Mother,

April 21,1997 was what we all view, was the beginning of one of the worst days of our lives. You went to the hospital where you were diagnosed with having an aortic aneurysm. Later that night you were sent To St Joseph hospital in Atlanta. As we all learned that surgery 
was planned for you on April 23, I believe that all of our 
hearts dropped out. I remember you told us all, one by one that everything would be alright. We all met with your doctor. I recall Eddie asking him. Now you wouldn’t do this surgery on our mama if you didn’t think she would make it. Right? He answered right. All I can remember is the doctor would never look us in the face. He shook so bad, I remember thinking this isn’t good. As we all 
planned for the surgery on April 23. We all met at the 
hospital bright and early to talk to you, before you went down for surgery. You assured us again that everything would be alright. They came in and sedated you, before taking you down to OR. We were all allowed to walk a long side you to the OR room. I remember holding your hand as you were sleeping. I kept saying mama. Finally you answered , what baby. I said I LOVE YOU. You said the same back to me then we were asked to leave you in their care. From 7:00 am until 5:00 pm they kept telling us, (no news is good news) I hate those words… Shortly a little after 5 pm. It did become the worst day of our lives. The nurse came out and told us that they were trying to revive you. I think at that time I am the only one that knew, you had already went to heaven. I will never forget the feeling. I think that we all must have felt like we were 6 months old, and just lost everything we had. You have been gone nine years this month and I don’t think sissy has ever accepted your death. Maybe she is right. We all feel your presents form time to time. I guess as long as you are in our hearts you will never be gone or forgotten. All I can say is on behalf of our whole family. You are our life. If there is such thing as the best mama in the world. You certainly do receive the award. You were and are the best!!! We miss you and love you so much. We will always continue to keep your spirit alive.

From your children:
Eddie, Ronnie, Gene, Paul, Van and Rene.

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Tributes and Condolences
Honoring you today Sarah   / Michele Hancock
What a beautiful tribute you loving family has created for their wonderful mother.  I know you are looking down on all of them from heaven with great pride.  Rest peacefully with Jesus sweet lady.
For you Miss Sarah   / Suzanne M.
Hello Miss Sarah just stoping by to visit,your Daughter,Nay did such a beautiful memorial in your honor.Rest in peace dear sweet lady..
I will always love you.   / Rene Padgett (Daughter)
Hi Mother,The day's come and go and you are still no longer here with us, it doesn't  get any easier. We will always miss and love you. You are our #1 ANGEL. I should come here more often, I need to finish out your time-line and things. I will g...  Continue >>
Happy Mother's Day   / Nay (Daughter)
Hi Mother, Well it has been 10 years that you have been gone, and we all want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day in heaven. From your children, grand children, great grand children and all who knew and love you. We love you mother.
Your Angel Day   / Rene Padgett (Daughter)
Hello Mother,Monday the 23rd day of April, will be your 10 year Angel Day. We will all face it with great sadness. Not having you here, just can't be described. You are in our every thought. I know that you will be with me at the doctors office. Plea...  Continue >>
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Happy Easter  / Nay Padgett (Daughter)    Read >>
Thank You For Your Blessings  / Nay Padgett (Daughter)    Read >>
HEAVENS GAIN  / Rene (Daughter)    Read >>
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